Profile of Katada Kimisen

Katada Kimisen
Ventura, Los Angeles, CA, also in NY, NJ, United States

Instructor Katada Kimisen is a member of the Katada-Ryu School of Narimono Music.  In addition to having NATORI in Narimono, she is also an accredited master, or NATORI, of the Samon-Kai of Nagauta Music, and the Bando-Ryu School of Japanese Classical Dance in Japan.

Since 1974, she has introduced Kabuki dance and music to American audiences nationwide.  She has given performances, lectures, and demonstrations in schools and colleges throughout the United States.  After living in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, she moved to Ventura, CA, in 2012. Shortly thereafter, she formed “Fuji Japanese Music,” and began classes at the Oxnard Buddhist Temple in March 2013. She is now starting classes in the LA area as well.
She performs with her students and does collaborations with fellow Nagauta and Yamatogaku musicians in Los Angeles.  She continues to teach classes in New York and New Jersey and makes frequent trips to Japan for additional training and performances.

NARIMONO – Katada Kimisen

Katada Kimisen started to take lessons in Narimono from Kikumi-sensei in 2000.  She achieved her stage name of Katada Kimisen from Master Katada Kisaku in 2007.

Certificate of Natori for Narimono
Certificate of Natori for Narimono
YEAR NARIMONO (drums)         name: Katada Kimisen 堅田喜巳扇
2000 Started to take lessons from Mme. Katada Kikumi 堅田喜久巳 in Japan
2007 Achieved NATORI from Master Katada Kisaku 堅田喜三久 in Japan
Started to teach NARIMONO (HAYASHI)

NAGAUTA – Kineya Kichitoji

In 1969, Kineya Kichitoji began taking Nagauta lessons from Saburo-sensei in Tokyo. When she moved to Los Angeles in 1974, she was referred to Kichisaburo-sensei to continue her training. Since 1974, she has been active in both music and dance performances.

She achieved her natori from headmaster Kineya Sakichi V in 1986 and achieved her shihan, or instructor’s license, in 1990.

Cerificate of Natori for Nagauta
Cerificate of Natori for Nagauta
Certificate of Instructor for Nagauta
Certificate of Instructor for Nagauta


YEAR NAGAUTA (shamisen)        name: Kineya Kichitoji 杵屋吉藤次
1967 Started to take lessons from Master Kineya Saburo 杵屋佐武郎 in Tokyo, Japan
1974 Started to take lessons from Master Kineya Kichisaburo 杵屋吉三郎 in LA
Started to perform as a singer
1984 Come back to Nagauta in LA for performances
Achieved NATORI from Kineya Sakichi V 杵屋佐吉 in Japan
1990 Achieved SHIHAN license
1991 Started to teach Nagauta

DANCE – Bando Marifuji


Bando Marifuji started to take dance lessons from Miyomi-sensei in 1959 in Tokyo. In 1969, headmaster Bando Mitsugoro VIII presented her with the stage name Bando Marifuji, and an instructor’s license. She started teaching dance in 1983 in Chicago and still is an active teacher and performer today.

Certificate of Natori & Instructor for Dance
Certificate of Natori & Instructor for Dance


YEAR ODORI (dance)         name: Bando Marifuji 坂東麻里ふじ
1959 Started to take lessons from Mme. Bando Miyomi 坂東三代美 in Tokyo, Japan
1969 Achieved NATORI and instructor license from Bando Mitsugoro VIII 坂東三津五郎 in Tokyo, Japan
1983 Take over students of Ibe Group and started to teach and perform


Mariko Watabe, AKA Katada Kimisen,  achieved Master of Science in Education, Waldorf Education – Elementary School,  from University of the State of New York, Sunbridge College.

She taught kindergarten and elementary schools at Waldorf Schools in Chicago and New York.

Mariko Watabe translated  “Beyond the Rainbow Bridge” by Barbara Patterson, into Japanese and it is published by Gakuyo Shobo in Tokyo, Japan



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